Monday, January 6, 2014

4 month old big kid

My little boy is now 4 months old. I love him more every day. He gets funner every day and becomes more his own little kid every day. I love waking up to see what he'll get in to. 
He wants to eat our food so bad. He loves watching us eat and smiles and laughs while we eat and tries to grab our food. I can't wait to give him solids! 
He throws little temper tantrums. I think he does it because I laugh. He wants to be naked all the time and when I put his clothes on him he yells and fake cries. I laugh and then he does it more. 
I really feel like this boy completed me. I feel like he completed Joe too. I feel like when I found Joe he completed half of me and when Ole was born he completed the other half and now I'm whole. I know things won't always be easy but I truly believe these two have been meant to be my family for eternity. I love them with everything in me. I feel like with those two by my side I can do anything.
Enough mushy, gushy.. on to the pics!
 I just realized I didn't say Ole had his first Christmas! Here we are with Joe's little brother. Uncle Towner. Ole had fun at home.. but he got extremely overwhelmed at Joe's family. He's a shy little dude and it was a lot of people for him. We had to take him in to the other room to calm down and nurse. Poor little dude.
 Here's our little sweets napping in his crib for the second time ever. And only..
 Here is Ole trying to put his feet in his mouth... Joe showed him how to do this and now he constantly wants to. And he can't do it every time. And he's a little perfectionist. So if he can't do it he gets very upset. I say probably 10 times a day " I wish your Dad wouldn't have showed you that!"
 Ole and Uncle Towner on Christmas. Such handsome guys!
 Ole waiting patiently in the waiting room at his doctors. He had started throwing up more and more.. I guess technically it's "spitting up" but it was more then an oz at a time. He wasn't acting like he was in pain but it was freaking me out. We finally figured out that dairy is the culprit. Poor littles.
 My happy boy. This picture gives me butterflies and makes me want to cry because he is just so beautiful. He loves his new toy that Daddy put together. Also, for the record this was originally 40 dollars that I got for $17 on black friday. What a steal. It's awesome to be able to put him in this and get some stuff done! He likes being able to grab Cuba when she walks by. She doesn't like this. It totally freaks her out.
Ole on New Years Eve with my mini sparkling cider. This marked 1 year of me being sober and 1 year cigarette free. I'm pretty proud of myself.
 I love this picture of my beautiful little boy. Joe bought him this towel when I was pregnant and it has sentimental value to me. Also I just can't resist a freshly clean baby bundled in a towel.
 I love dressing this kid. We got this onesie when I was pregnant and have been waiting and waiting for him to be big enough to wear it. Wutang baby! By the way this is 12 month size.. big kid.


  1. Okay those 4 month posts totally made me cry. You are totally inspiring. It is so evident how much you love that little Ole!
    Congratulations on being sober and cigarette free for a year. That's amazing. You are so strong.
    I always think, "this is my favorite stage," and then they grow and that becomes my new favorite. So much joy.
    Love you!!

    1. Thank you :)
      I'm glad you say that. I hope every stage is my favorite. I think it will be. He gets cooler every day!!
      Love you too!!