Monday, January 20, 2014


Joe got me a camera for Christmas and I have yet to upload any.. so all these pictures are still just from my phone. 

  My big lipped boy takin' a snooze.
Daddy reading "Goodnight Moon" to Ole. This book is really special to me. I loved it when I was little and my Grandma always said I would say "goodnight moon!" at night. The first time we read it to Ole he loved it so much and got so excited he started shaking. (Which I then I asked his doctor  about because it freaked us out, she said it's just a rush of adrenalin). Him loving it just makes me love it so much more. (I wonder if he'll read it to his kids?)
This picture is just too cute to me. This is Ole eating his cousin Landon's hand. Mind you, Landon is a year old. Ole is huge. He had his 4 month check on Friday and he's in the 90th percentile. Anyway, Ole has to put every thing in to his mouth. the most annoying being, my hair. I want to cut it short now because he's always yanking it and putting it in his mouth. 
Ole and Landon goin' in for a high five. They kept trying to grab each others hand and missing. It was hilarious.
Landon loved Ole. He kept putting his hands really gently on Ole's head and giggling. I would say "oh Landon! That is so nice!" and he would do it again and be so happy. He started wiggling, giggling and clapping. It was really cute. It also freaked my shy boy out. He just wanted to play with Landon's tractor. 

This is one thing that Ole does that reminds me of me. He absolutely loves having his picture taken and having videos of him made and then he likes to watch the video. It makes me laugh and smile. Little ham. My Grandma said I would always say "film me Gramma!" then the video always ends with me saying "now let me watch it." That's my little boo.
My friend Alicia and I had a girl date on Saturday. When I got home Joe had given littles a bath and put him in his jams. Ole was so tired and just let me snuggle on him. I wish he would always let me snuggle him like this!

Here's the Dids standing on his changing table thinking he's pretty cool. I LOVE this outfit that Grandma got for him. He looks so stinking cute I can't stand it. He was being silly this morning getting ready to go see Grandma. He also loves standing and held himself up for the first time this weekend. We were at my Uncle Brandon's and he grabbed on to Landon's exersauser and held himself up. He's pretty buff.

My cousin Josh had his baby girl this past weekend. Her name is Penelope and she was 7lbs. She looked so incredibly tiny to me. And so newborn. To hear her little sleep sounds reminded me of little Ole. I can't believe how fast the time goes by and that I didn't remember those little sounds he used to make already. I can't believe in 8 months he will be a year old and probably walking on his own. They grow up too fast. I want him to be my crazy, snuggle baby forever! Watching him grow so fast has really helped me to be more present with him. He changes so much in just one week. I don't want to miss anything.

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