Thursday, May 29, 2014

Joe givin' The Olz his bath

BBQ time

My Uncle had a BBQ for memorial day. Ole had a blast playing in the water toys and sitting around outside in his diaper. He is definitely like his mama in the way that he loves the sun and water.

movin' up in the world - new carseat

family date

 Daddy covering Ole's ears as the train passes. I love Ole's little face in this one.
Our family.

pictures that melt my heart

I think these were taken after we were waking up from a nap. Ole sleeps with us and we usually lay with him for his naps too. My favorite time with him is when he is waking up and cuddling and crawling all over us. It makes me sad to think he won't be this way forever. I'm sure I'll love his older stages just as much but I absolutely love this time. He is the most loving little guy and so fun and you can just see the love he has in his eyes. I will cherish these pictures forever.

Ole and his new toys

beginning of a few photo dumps

I haven't been at work for the past week or two and so I have a ton of photos that I'm going to separate in to their own posts.

Ole is quite the eater now and loves to eat whatever I am eating. Here is my crazy boy stealing my toast.

(Yes I am aware I am obsessed with my kid. I'm a mamarazzi and I love it).

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sunshine Daydream

The things Ole does makes me love him so much I could burst. He is just so cool that he cracks me up. Yesterday my sister and I took our boys to the harbor for a walk and then let them play in the grassy fields. Ole had been really wanting out of his stroller and so I hurried and laid a blanket out for him and sat him on it.. Thinking he would crawl off with Jesse and play. Nope. He lays back, smiling, and starts running his fingers through the grass, squinting in the sunshine. My little hippy boy. I was cracking up. He laid there like that for about 5 minutes. Just smiling and enjoying himself. I just love that kid so much. I feel so lucky he is my boy. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

He Said It!

Yesterday my sweet little baby love said "mama" for the first time. It was amazing and I think my favorite mom moment so far. I knew he had been trying to say it for about the past week. He would say "mmma!" at me and I knew he was wanting me and I knew "mama" wouldn't be far behind. Ole has had 4 teeth breaking through at once and really been wanting me lately.. well yesterday I was taking the trash out and Ole was playing with Daddy but had wanted me to at least be in the room. I started walking out again and he looked me straight in the eyes and yelled "mama!!!" And a HUGE smile broke out across his face. I got so excited and picked him up and gave him a huge hug. He was so proud. The rest of the night when I would say "mama" he would give me a huge smile since he knows he can say it now. He was so proud of himself and I am over the moon with pride. Now when he wants me he yells "maaaaa!!!!!" I love it. It is so cool that he knows who I am and that I am his mama. It is amazing.
 Crawling around naked is fun.
 First time swinging at the park last week when we had record breaking temperatures!
 I absolutely love this picture.
 Daddy took last Wednesday off to go play outside with us.
 Ole had a blast.
 Mama and Ole date to the park. We had fun. One of my favorite days with my guy.
 New hat. Cute but too big. He fell asleep about a minute after this was taken.
My parents got Ole this shirt in Hawaii. Dorks.