Tuesday, January 14, 2014

4 months is my fave.

Ole could stay 4 months forever and I would not be disappointed. The age he is right now is my absolute favorite so far. I realized there hasn't been many months before this one but he is hilarious. He is the sweetest little thing and just so funny. Last night after we picked him up from Grandma's he was so sleepy. When he gets really sleepy he gets silly. Every time Cuba's ears would perk up he would laugh so hard at her. It was contagious. I couldn't stop laughing because of him laughing and finding her so funny. It made Cuba pretty happy too. She is finally realizing that when Ole is trying to touch her it's ok. It really freaked her out the first couple of weeks. She's starting to get a kick out of how much he loves her. That kid can be in the worst mood but when he sees his doggy he immediately smiles. It's pretty sweet.
He's also developing numerous allergies... which is hard for this breastfeeding mama. He's allergic to dairy and also my beloved coffee. I'm not sure what else there is but I am currently on the Dr. Sear's elimination diet. Right now all I am eating is rice, turkey, pears, zucchini and potatoes. Pretty soon I'll start adding 1 food back every 4 days and hopefully figure the rest of his allergies out. But for now it's rough! I miss cheese! So much.
He also has sensitive skin and we cannot use baby wipes on his bum. So we are making our own wipes. This really grosses out Joe but it doesn't bother me in the least! 
I hope he grows out of all his sensitivities for his sake, but if he doesn't that's ok too. That's just the way God made him!
I forgot my phone at home today so I'm bummed I don't have any pictures to add.
Another thing I'm loving is how he likes to feel mine and Joe's faces. It's like he just loves us.
I never knew that I could love someone so much and care so much about their well being. It's very humbling and makes every day so special. I love my little Olzy boy.

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