Monday, December 2, 2013

Our 3 Month Old.

Olz is officially 3 months old. And he rang in turning 3 months old by rolling over. I knew it was coming soon but when he did it, he did it so fast and perfectly it was like he'd been doing it forever. It was extra special because he did it in front of Grandma York. I had been telling her about how he can lift all the way up on his hands and holds his little head and chest up and scoots around and I put him on his belly to show her and boop! Right over. He didn't even practice first. Just right away. We were so proud. We tried to get him to do it again but he hated it. Once was enough. It was so cool.
Ole also celebrated his first Thanksgiving. We dressed him up like a little old man:

 He looks like my Dad in this picture. 
We first went to Joe's Grandma's for dinner. It was delish! And we got a generational picture:
(Joe, Joe's Mom Margaret, Joe's Grandma Pat, Joe's brother Towner and Ole)
Uncle Towner loves Ole:

 When I was pregnant Towner told me he wouldn't babysit Ole. Now he tells me he can't wait to babysit him. This kid melts me. When we were leaving Towner bent down and gave Ole a kiss and told him he loved him and rubbed his head. He's so sweet with him. Margaret told me he's always saying "when will I get to see Ole? I want to hold Ole!"
We also went to Rebecca's for appetizers and desserts! That was delish too! I was sad my Dad missed him on his first Thanksgiving but I sent him pictures.
Ole slept in on Thanksgiving:

 Ole is already, to my dismay, a dog person. Our cat Zappa isn't Joe's favorite animal in the world and when I was pregnant I would say Ole would love Zappa and Joe would say "no, he'll love his dog." Joe was right. Ole LOVES his doggy. He HATES Zappa. Whenever I show him Zappa he cries. Whenever he sees Cuba he lights right up. Even when he's fussy. We call Cuba over and he smiles at her and tries to touch her. Cuba of course loves this. 

I can't get over Ole's lips. When he is sleeping they look even bigger then when he's awake:
 And finally... it snowed for the first time at our house last night. It was crazy waking up to see snow. I shouldn't have been surprised since we are in the mountains but it was shockingly sweet. Since it's one of my work days we bundled up our little stinker for the trek to Gramma's.

Here he is in his sweater his Great-Grandma made him. These pictures melt my heart! I love this boy! He's so freaking cute.


  1. Oh my gosh that last picture is so dang cute! Ole is adorable, Baylee. The pictures Chelsey took are great. I love the feet ones. She told me she had a great time with you guys ;)
    Glad you had a yummy Thanksgiving. We missed you!

  2. I know I say this all the time but Ole is such a cutie! Heartbreaker status for sure. I can't believe he's rolling over already! Beat E to that one :)