Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Life Updates - Ole is 13 weeks

Not a ton to note this week. Ole is a rolling over champ. He can do it every time now. He is starting to like it too. If we hold him on us on his belly he gets excited to roll over on us. 

Ole is also a sleeping through the night champ. I don't want to jinx us because it's only been the past 2 nights in a row. But it was amazing. 10-4 the first night, 9:40-4:45 last night. He's a big kid.

I worked Saturday and Sunday this past weekend since we got a new computer system at work and had to input all the exams that were scheduled. I missed Ole like crazy and I think he missed me too. Here's the pics of after I got home:

 These next pictures are this morning.. he must have been tired because he just fell asleep cradled in Joe's arms. Never in his life has he done this. He always has liked to be on his belly facing your body and either nursed or rocked to sleep. Joe just carried him all cradled and he fell asleep. So sweet.

 In the last pic Joe looks bored/exhausted.. he's fine. He won't ever let me just take a good picture! Unless I catch him off guard.

In other news I miss my Joe love. We haven't had a date in a couple months and I miss our time! I love Ole and growing as parents together but we get no alone time. Hopefully this weekend! 

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