Monday, December 23, 2013

3.75 Month Ole boo

Ole has learned to roll all the way over. He rolls around the room now.
 In this pic he had started on his playmat. Notice the stuff moved out of his path. He loves being able to do this. He is constantly trying to flip over to his belly. This surprises me as only about a week ago he HATED being on his belly. But hey, a boys gotta try his new skills.
He is also way more talkative and smiley in the past week. It's hilarious and so much fun. He responds when you talk to him like he totally knows what you are saying and what he's trying to say.

 In all those pictures he smiled "for the camera." I also think he's starting to look more like me and less like Joe! When he was first born everyone would say "oh! He looks just like Joe!" But now I see myself in him and I love it. 

He also had his first non-well visit doctors visit on Sunday. My little sweetness was SO fussy. I hate to brag but this kid is never fussy. So I knew something was wrong. He kept tugging at his ear and pulling away from the breast while eating. I thought he might have an ear infection. He didn't, just a head cold. I was so worried I made myself sick. I'm so glad to know nothing was wrong. I hate not feeling in control of situations and having my baby be sick was the worst feeling. I checked in with my parents today and he seems to be back to his normal happy self. Thank goodness.

 I loved waking up and seeing snow. Both these pictures are out our bedroom doors. I love it. So peaceful.
 We took Cuba out to play in the snow. She LOVES it.
We took Ole out to check out the snow. He was a fan for about 5 mins. Then he got fussy so we took him back in the warm house.
 Gramma got this outfit for Ole's first Christmas. This is also right before we headed into town to see the doc. He looks like such a big boy here.
Joe let me open a present early. He said he likes this picture of me because he thinks I look like a little kid opening their presents Christmas morning.
 Trying to get Ole used to his crib. He flipped himself this way and hung out for about 10 mins. Hoping to make the transfer from our bed to his crib soon.
 Daddy and Ole taking a snooze.
 Morning snuggles with Daddy before getting ready for work/Gramma's house. Ole looks like my Dad's side of the family here. He also is growing up so fast. I can't believe it.

Every week he is just doing more and more. I love watching him grow. I know some people get sad as their babies grow or miss the newborn time.. but I love watching the process of him becoming his own little being. I know he's only 3.75 months.. and maybe some day I won't feel this way but for now I can't wait to be there every step of the way.

Things that are coming through about Ole's personality:
-He's loving. He loves to snuggle and to be kissed and hugged and loved on. He's trying to kiss back a bit and it is just too sweet.
He also has started looking us straight in the eye and rubbing our faces. It makes me want to cry. He just looks at Joe and I with so much love in his eyes and just rubs our faces. It's beautiful!

-He's a perfectionist. If he can't roll over correctly on the first try he gets so frustrated and yells. Not cries..yells.

-He's a yeller. Hopefully this stays funny and cute.

-He's a dog person. Every time that kid sees his dog he lights up. The cat? Not at all.

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