Monday, December 16, 2013

3.5 month old Olz

I can't believe another week has flown by. Ole is 3.5 months and getting funner and funner by the day. He laughs now. Which is hilarious. The first time he laughed-laughed I was changing him and he started to do his fake, fussy cry. I said to him "Ohhh! Poor Ole!" and he laughed. Apparently he's already in to sarcasm! I said it to him again and again he laughed. It was so cute it made me cry.

He's starting to teeth pretty hardcore. It seems like his mouth is bugging him pretty bad for about half the day now and it has affected his sleep. My poor guy. We use a baltic amber necklace for part of the day and it really seems to help. He slept through the night 4 nights in a row, then the 5th night he got up about 8 times... crying. :( He has never woken up crying so I knew he was hurtin'. Last night he seemed to sleep a bit better.

Ole is also mimicking what we say. He says "mama" and "ut-oh!" I love it. I love that he says "mama" but I think "ut-oh" is my favorite. He says it while I'm changing him. It's hilarious. Even better when his mouth is full of his hands.

We got our Christmas tree and stockings this weekend. Ole loves the lights on the tree and was fascinated when Daddy was putting them up.

Joe and I had a date day. We ran errands, went to dinner and went to the casino. We only stayed at the casino about 10 mins. It reminded me too much of the person I used to be and I ended up leaving in tears. Not sure why it affected me so much but I realized I am in no way the person I was a year ago. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I love my little family and I like to do things that are actually fun now.. not just drunk fun. All I wanted to do was get home to Ole and put up our Christmas stuff while listening to Christmas music. I guess it didn't really hit me how far I've come until then. I was so sad in that moment we were leaving and thinking back on who I used to be but in this moment I am so grateful. We have come so far.

 Ole in his sweet new camo pants.. Daddy making him "General Olz" and boss me around.
 Nothing hotter then a babywearing Dad mopping.
 I told Joe I wanted him to take a picture with me for "date day" and this is what I get.
 Ole in the headband we got for my coworkers daughter. Pretty boy! ...Can't wait to show him this when he's older.
 Ole snuggling "happy monkey"
 Laughing at Daddy
 Joe and his one man bonfire in the middle of winter... Weirdo
 So excited that he loves stuffed animals now. Telling happy monkey about his day.
 Me and my boy!
 Our Charlie Brown tree and new stockings. Can't wait to use them forever. After we got home we realized that both Joe and I's have glitter and Ole's doesn't. Sorry Olz!
 The little tree that could.

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  1. Love you Baylee. I love reading all your blog posts about Ole. So sweet. Have you heard that song, "Baby changes Everything," that Faith Hill sings. So true!! Ole is such a doll. Glad you and Joe got a date day ;)