Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer Olz

Ole Joe was made for the summer. He is just like me and a water baby. He is a sunshine baby. He is an adventure baby. He hates being indoors all day and could run around outside all day if I would let him. 
I also learned that he is an Indian food lover. Just like me. We went to the farmer's market last weekend with Iris and Cassie and got a plate of Indian food. Ole was obsessed. That night Joe got us Indian food for dinner and again, obsessed Ole. And this dinner meal was made with chili peppers! Anything with a very strong flavor, Ole is all about. Another new favorite; limes. We gave him one to see what he would do and he chowed it down. No flinching. Since then, we've given him limes a couple more times and he loves them. I love this kid!
In other news, Ole and I got our very own 1 bedroom apartment. It's not the nicest but it's big, inexpensive and ours. It is going to be full of love and fun. 
Now on to my new favorite picture, which I think is the absolute best picture of Ole ever taken.

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