Tuesday, August 12, 2014

first few days in our new place

The first few nights in our new place have been wonderful. Ole seems to love it. He likes to run around when we get home and has slept better in the new place then our old one. It might be the new bed.. Or just the positive feeling of starting over together. Either way, we have settled in to a routine of our own and I am loving it. After work we make dinner together, then Ole takes a bath and goes to bed. He has just seemed really happy to be with me and I have been very happy for our time together too.

He is getting a new tooth and it is completely crooked. But hey, the kids gotta have one imperfection. ;)

 Little stinker eating watermelon in our new cabinets.
I gave Ole a mohawk the other morning. He liked it.

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  1. Ole is darling. I love his mohawk and so glad you feel good in your new place!