Monday, April 7, 2014

picture dump!

The past couple weeks our family has been hit by a bad cold virus! We brought Ole to the doctor last friday and he has his first upper respiratory infection. His naturopath whipped him up his first tincture and he seems a bit happier, although still coughing a ton and not sleeping great. It's been hard on the whole family. Now for some pictures!

 Snugglin' my littles when I was the only sick one.

I watched my nephew Jesse last week while my sister was at work. He's such a sweetie and is just learning to walk. Him and Ole wore me out beyond belief. I was still a bit sick, and Ole and Jesse were sick.. It was craziness. Joe said I snored that night. And I never snore! I love this picture of Ole. Shows what a dorky little ham he is.

My sister was off pretty late and Jesse dude started to get tired. I tried rocking him but he motioned for Uncle Joe to rock him. He went out within about 5 mins. It was so sweet. Sometimes you just need your Uncle Joe.

Stinker smile!

Yesterday I was going stir crazy after being in the house sick for a week. I know Ole loves getting out as much as me so we took him to the park and then the fragrance garden. He had a blast and I think the fresh air did us all good.

Feeding yourself is fun!

One of the few things that made my sick boy smile. You can see I'm not feeling too hot here either.
Ole at the doctor. I like this picture of him because he looks like such a grown up little kid playing with the little kid toys!

Ole sneaking a bite of my apple. He seems to think he can just come grab a bite of whatever I'm eating, whenever he wants. He doesn't like apple when I feed it to him, but he says "mmmm!" when he sneaks a bite himself.

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  1. So adorable! I can't believe how big he is getting and all his little teeth :) Hope your family is feeling better!