Monday, February 17, 2014

Fluff, fluff, fluff

I remember saying 4 months was my favorite but now it is definitely 5 months. My little guy is so active and has such a sense of humor. Joe and I were talking last night about how his personality is so much bigger then 5 months. He can be so sweet and tender and yet so wild and fun. One day I was changing him and giving him kisses and he started running his hands through my bangs. I said "Oh! Are you fluffing mama's hair?" He laughed so hard at this. It was like he knew what I meant by fluffing my hair. So he kept doing it and I'd say "ohhh fluff, fluff, fluff." And he would crack up. So now when he's a bit cranky I run his hand through my hair and say "fluff, fluff, fluff! Ohhhh fluff!" He will laugh and laugh. I just think it's so funny and cool. 
He is so shy. When we're out in public he won't talk or laugh. What really cracks me up is after we've been around other people and we leave or go to a room by ourselves he talks and talks like he's just been holding it in forever. He's been like this since he was in my tummy. He would only kick around Joe and I and my coworker Laura. (Whose voice he heard all day mon-fri).
His first tooth cut this weekend! It was very exciting! But also scary because the reason I noticed it was because it felt like glass on my nip! Real nice! Then I felt in there and it's popped just a bit. He finally let me look at it last night and you can see the whole thing but just a little has come out. I was really happy and excited but then I got sad. My baby is growing so fast! And I love that little toothless smile. It's going to be so funny to see a little tooth in there.
He had a cold this weekend too. Little runny nose and a cough. My poor little babe. 
He has a doctors appointment tomorrow because for about the past 2 months that kid does not want to sleep. He is up every half hour-2 hours at night. 2 hours is rare. One hour is the norm. I am exhausted. Joe is exhausted and I figure little Olz must be exhausted too. In the mornings I always think "I can't do another day of this." But then he smiles and it's all worth it. This mama needs more sleep though!
Joe and I just applied for another place in town. If you are reading this please pray for us! Or send good vibes! Whatever works for you! We need this place and out of our little mountain home. I have noticed the more I can get out of the house the better my mood and the less I notice my exhaustion. We can't go for walks at our house now because of how sketchy the area is. I go stir crazy. We also can't afford to go to town every day because we're an hour away and gas is pricey! We are so hoping we get this place.
 I don't mean to brag..yes I do, but my kid gets cuter every day! Here he is at my sisters house playing with the blocks she got him. He loves them!
 Still playing blocks.
 Here is my sassy, little stinker at Gramma's house. He just looks so fab in this picture. And mighty handsome. I gave him a comeover that day. RAD! 
I also think he looks so much older in this picture. Such a little boy. He looks a lot like me here too. I think anyway.
 My little ham rocking his awesome new bib-dana. He looked so badass this day. I can't stand the cute.
I forgot to say how he knows to smile for the camera. Whenever I get my phone or camera out to take a picture I say "Ole! Smiles!" and he smiles. He also loves looking at pictures and videos of himself. Joe says he's like his mom. Oops! We're cute and we know it!
Napping on me at my sisters. (Please don't ever get too big to do this Olzy!!!) Note: Big lips. Love those things.

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