Wednesday, July 31, 2013

An Interesting Day

Yesterday we had quite the day. After dropping Joe off at work I got super sick really fast. I was dizzy, my stomach hurt really bad, I was sweating, I could hardly stand and I had the runs. I called Joe and told him I couldn't drive but I felt like I needed to go to the hospital. A coworker brought him to my work and he helped me to the car. I had paged the midwives in the mean time too, and they told me to get to the ER. They checked Olz first, but I had felt the whole time that he was fine because he was kicking me the entire time. (Which felt great while being extremely nauseous!) He was fine, good heartbeat and very active. They put the contraction monitor on me and the nurse told me that she was pretty sure I was in labor. I was having a ton of contractions but she said if I was in labor that Ole was handling it really well. I was nervous because of how early he would be but at the same time I was excited because I want to meet my little guy. Here is Joe and I after hearing that we may be in labor:

And my contraction chart, fetal movement chart and Ole heartbeat chart:
I started taking pics once I learned we may  be having him that day. 
A while later the doctor came in and checked Olz and my cervix. Ole he said, was head down and good to go but I was in fact not in labor. I had a stomach bug, contractions and was dehydrated. They had me drinking a soda and by the time I finished it I was way better. The doctor told me to go home, rest and drink a ton of fluids.
  Here's Zappa not caring about the day his mom had. Just chillin'.
And some pics of our plants:
 I feel fine today besides being a little tired. But I can handle that.

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