Monday, November 18, 2013

My baby is 10 weeks old

I am back at work now. It's my 2nd day back and so far so good. It's amazing how fast time flies once you have a kid! I feel like the first month of Ole's life didn't even happen. It was all survival! For the first month I didn't take any breaks from him really. It was all him and I and nursing. I thought I was getting PPD but then I took a nap and realized I was just exhausted. I also thought nursing wasn't going to be for me because of my D-Mer and in the beginning how much work it was for me. Now I love it and I am so thankful that I didn't stop. I nursed in public the other day and I felt completely feminine and empowered. Before having Ole I didn't realize just how beautiful breastfeeding is. It was never weird to me and I never felt uncomfortable by people breastfeeding but now I find it just completely beautiful. The bond that you feel with your baby is completely amazing. I started writing this post before I pumped at work and started leaking, so now that I've pumped I feel like I can finish this. ;) I am now on the normalize breastfeeding wagon. I love when I see women breastfeeding in public and want to hug all of them. 

Ole is growing like a weed. He is wearing 6 month size clothes already. Not because he is chunky, but because he's so long. He had his 2 month appointment on Friday and the doctor said he is the strongest 2 month old she's ever seen. Talk about a mom being proud.

Joe is becoming an even more amazing man/father then he was right after he was born. I heard a phrase the other day that makes me laugh. Mom-porn. I was sick this weekend and my head was so foggy I couldn't think. Ole got fussy and all my head could think was "nurse-diaper. Nurse-diaper." Thank goodness for his Daddy and how easily he comforts him. Mom-porn.

Some days I feel more comfortable in my mom abilities and some days I feel lost. But I think most days it just gets easier. It's crazy how much being a mom changes you. Not being pregnant, but actually having the baby. I changed with pregnancy too but now that he's here I feel more me then ever. Stronger. Joe and I realized we're attachment parenters. And we're ok with that and love it. We wear him, we share a bed, we breastfeed. And we love all of it. At first sleeping with him was just convenience. And then we realized we loved it. Hearing his little breath in the night, snuggling, waking up to his smiling face. It's amazing. I feel so lucky to have Joe as my partner and growing with him and having him be my babies father. I didn't think we'd be so on the same page with parenting but we have been and it's been incredible!

The only thing I'm looking forward to is getting a bit more of my identity back. I just started really finding myself when I was pregnant and I am looking forward to keeping on in my newly discovered hobbies. Such as cooking, holistic living/naturopathic medicine, exercise, minimalism, gardening/composting and now being an advocate for breastfeeding.

I have so many pictures I want to share. Here are a few.

Olz in the bath with a washrag on his head to lightly scrub his cradle cap. (For those of you who want to know how to get rid of this naturally: if breastfeeding take biotin and zinc, warm wash rag on head and lightly scrub, apply coconut oil)

One of my faves... Joe and Ole talking about Halloween and Gramma's house. I love how much Ole loves his Dad. The other morning they sat on the couch and seriously just talked for an hour. Gramma and Joe both say he's going to have a mouth like me. LOL

Ole got to meet his cousin Jesse and Aunt Shelby for the first time. Ole loved Jesse. He couldn't stop staring at him and trying to talk to him. I love the little stinker smile on Ole's face in this picture.

Jesse holding Ole's hand. Melt!

  Just Ole being adorable. He's funny cause he loves having his diaper changed and sitting on his changing table. If he's fussy we can just lay him on the table and he just looks around and smiles. Easy kid.

 Long and lean just like his Daddy. Joe doing a bratty face.

 Sweet snuggles. <3

 Ole in his new sling. Lookin' cute. I think I look buff in this picture. No big deal.

 Superman on his first Halloween.

 Ole and Uncle Towner. It surprises me how good Towner is with him and how much he loves him. He loves to hold him and rub his head and smell him. He always says "He smells so good!" He also asks me hilarious questions like "what's your breast milk taste like?" And if Ole was born with his eyes open or if they were closed like how kittens are. He cracks me up.

 This picture cracks me up. Our sweet little boy just trying to take a bath and our creepy cat just watching him.

I really hope to keep updating more, life just flies by these days.


  1. SO many happy smiles in this post. I am incredibly happy for you!

  2. I love this post. You are such a good momma and Joe sounds like such a good daddy too. Kids are the best. Ole is one lucky little man.
    I love how we grow when our kids grow. It's all pretty amazing and awesome.