Monday, August 5, 2013


This weekend was not an exciting one. I was exhausted. The pregnancy is getting to the point where I'm exhausted all the time. Since Ole has dislocated one of my ribs it's really hard to sleep since every time I move I'm in pain and it wakes me up. Combine that with having him resting right on my bladder, so having to get up a bunch during the night makes for a not so fun night. I've heard this is mother natures way of preparing you for the sleepless nights once you have the baby. Sunday my lovely Joe cleaned the entire house while I laid in bed. He made me all my meals and brought them to me and let me just play video games, watch movies, and nap. It was soooo nice but I felt a bit guilty seeing all the hard work he was doing. Then I would stand up and try to help and feel like I was going to pass out from exhaustion. I did get up for a while and we set up Ole's little nursery area. That was fun. Here are some shots from the weekend.

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1 comment:

  1. Being pregnant sounds horrid xD haha
    It's nice you have someone to take care of you though, I'm sure that makes it easier :)